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Yakuza Racing is proud to present the ultimate trophy car. Weve been working on this for over 4 years now, and this car is a nonstop trophy thief. Mainly comprised of Hayame accents, this car is non short of spectacular. We've spent hundreds of hours with all the little details like powdercoating all the bolts in the engine bay, candy red painting the Yakuza Emblem on the Zex Kit, building a custom diamond plate trunk and more. What else have we done? Too much to list but check out the DVD Screens and Autometer Carbon Vacuum and Fuel Pressure Guage. Special props to Brian Dugger of Carsik custom paint on the Nitrous Bottle, valve cover and nitrous control box.


Check out this sick ride by our newest young pimp Tim Jordan, taking trophy after trophy on the East Coast. Reprezenting Yakuza Racing and Kustomized Kreations, this gentleman is taking it to the next level. Check out his list of modifications.


TRD Toyota Racing Dynamics Font Lip
VIS Racing OEM Carbon Hood
Zex Nitrous System
AC Autotechnic Race Guages
AC Autotechnics 5" Tach Hidden in Glove Box
OBX Racing Sports Red Fire Extinguisher
Hayame Racing Floormats
Zenik Ikeda 18" Chrome Rims
Arospeed Intake System
Kicker Custom Vinyl Trunk with
2 Kicker 850.2 Amps
1 Kicker 450.2 Amp
F1 Race Sport Shifting
Eibach Pro Kit Suspension
Pioneer Avic N1 Navigation System
w/ DVD Player
OBX Type R Exhaust System


Yakuza Racings gotcha eye on you from the back side. Justins got a rear view camera installed where the keyhole used to be, wired into his on screen display. Justin also has an XBox, DVD Player and Navagation System in his cockpit. The highlight is is custom stereo system where the rear seats used to be in his car. Justin has also accented his car with a VIS Racing EVO Carbon Hood, Isotta Steering Wheel and Shift Knob, Various OBX Racing and Hayame products, and a R34 Body Kit. We've also put some Skunk2 love in the suspension and engine.

Isotta Panther Shift Knob
Isotta Vallelunga Steering Wheel
Skunk 2 Spring Set
Hayame Carbon Fiber Pedal Set
OBX Racing Sports Header System
Injen Intake System
OBX Racing Strut Tower Bar
R34 Body Kit
VIS Evo Carbon Fiber Hood
OBX Short Shifter
2 Kicker 850.2 Amps
1 Kicker 450.2 Amp
Pioneer Avic N1 DVD Deck
Rear View Camera
AEM True Time Adjustible Cam Gears
AEM EMS Plug and Play System
OBX Racing Sports Type H Exhaust System
Anzo USA Projector Headlamps w/ Halos
VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hatch
ZEX Nitrous System


Goldie the pimp master unleashes his latest Yakuza Racing beauty. Airbag Suspension, Planet Audio Sound and a Wings West Urathane Body Kit make this car an all around stunner.

Niche 19" F-16 Chrome Rims
Kenwood 815 Deck w/DVD
Planet Audio Highs
Planet Audio Mids
Fosgate Punch Hi
2-Kicker 800.2 Amps
1-Kicker 400.2 Amp
EAI Airbag System
1/2 Inch Parker Valves
550 Vi-Air Compressor
Yakuza Racing Switches
Anzo Projector Headlights w/ Halos
Anzo Gunmetal Tail Lights
OBX Racing Racing Sports Type R Exhaust System
Wings West Eurathane Kit
SPW Industries M3 Style Mirrors


Part of the Yakuza Racing Team, Heather Anderson has been building her 2000 Honda Civic for both show and the track. Her SI has been completely modified with high tech Skunk 2 Racing mods, as well as stylish accents from Corbeau, Wings West, SPW Industries, Pivot USA , Hayame and more.

Skunk2 Intake Manifold
Skunk2 Mega Power Catback Exhaust
Skunk2 Front and Rear Strut Bars
Skunk2 Rear Lower Tie Bar
Skunk2 Adjustable Upper A-Arm
Skunk2 Stage II Vtec Cams w/dual springs & titanium retainers
JDM B18 Header
JDM Black Headlights w/blue headlamps
Pivot Vtec Controller
Pivot Shift Light
Conrero Leather Shift Knob & Boot
Nokya Pedals
Short Shifter
18" konig rims
Fog Lights
Indiglo Gauges w/blue led dash lights
Tinted Windows
Hayame Adjustable Sport Suspension
Hayame Blue and Black floor mats
Adjustable Rear Camber kit
SPW Nickel Plated Slotted Cross Drilled Rotors
Hayame Cold Air Intake

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