Jumat, 22 Agustus 2008


Even time over, Bakuto's clan and Tekiya becomes one id as Yakuza. Clan that its origin on call protect society – as redoubtable society. Chairman of Japan utilizes it to restrain society and moves nationalism. Following yakuza to be recruited by Japan government in the act occupying at Manchuria and China by year Japan 1930 an. Yakuzas is transferred goes to that region to grab earth, and gets monopoly rights as reward.

Changed Yakuza clan fortune afters Japanesing to attack Pearl Harbor. Military takes over to conduct from Yakuza hand. Membered eventual Yakuza shall choose if foses deep commanding bureaucracy, bear arms or jail input. May say pamor Yakuza sinks.After Japanese gives up, membered Yakuza returns to society. Appearance one successful person unites all Yakuza organization. That man is Yoshio Kodame, an ex military by demotes Young Admiral last (one that be reached at age 34 years). Yoshio Kodame successfuling to unite two fraction outgrows Yakuza, which is Yamaguchi Gumi which captained by Kazuo Taoka,and Tosei Kai which captained by Hisayuki Machii. Even yakuza waxed its membership especially at period 1958 1963 – while Yakuza organization estimating to have members 184.000 person – or more a lot of than membered Japanese ground forces soldiers that times. Yoshio Kodame dinobatkan as godfathernya Yakuza.

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