Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2007


It's usual within yakuza circuits to tattoo themselves, usually is it their clan's badges that they have all over their body. The origin of the yakuza tattoo comes from the Bakuto. They usually tattooed a black ring around the arm for each crime they committed. Finally it became a symbol of strength. It can take over 100 hours to do an entire back tattoo. The tattoo was to illustrate you were unwilling to accommodate yourself to societies rules and norms. Now is it to illustrate your clan affiliations.

Japan's Yakuza have been known for their full body tattoos. During initiation, men receive intricate tattoos that can often take more than two years to complete from start to finish.

"Irezumi" is the art of tattooing in Japan. The word means "insertion of ink." Irezumi can be used either as an adjective or a noun, and can be used to refer to a tattoo artist, the person who gets the tattoo, or the actual design

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